Financial Services Company:

DIDIC formed the Financial Services Company in 1989 to provide a variety of services to its clients including brokerage, investment in securities, portfolio and fund management . DIDIC owned 44% shareholding of its capital .

Bank Dhofar :
Bank Dhofar is one of the leading banks in the Sultanate of Oman . DIDIC has 30.9% shareholding of the share capital .
Dhofar Insurance Company:
The company was set up by DIDIC in 1989 . DIDIC has 25.12 shareholding in the company . Dhofar Insurance is major provider of general and life insurance services in Oman .
Omani Vegetable Oils and Derivatives Company (LLC):
DIDIC and other partners acquired this company through bid . The partners refurbished the company's vegetable oil plant located in Raysut Industrial Region . Since early May 2005 the plant commenced commercial production, and currently a number of products manufactured by the plant are sold in the local as well as foreign markets.
Salalah Medical Supplies Manufacturing Company (LLC):
The company was formed in 1993 and started its commercial operations in 1998. DIDIC shareholding is approximately 25% . The company manufactures medical consumables for hospitals .