About us :
Dhofar International Development & Investment Holding Company S.A.O.G (DIDIC) was formed on 9 December 1987 by the Ministerial Decree NO.127/87 and registered in the Sultanate of Oman as a Public Joint Stock Company. The current paid up capital of the company is RO 20 million (US$ 51.85 million) and the authorized capital is RO 50 million (US$ 129.9 million). The company shareholders include, mainly local investors-individuals and businessmen-the major financial and business houses, pension funds, insurance companies, banks and the various stock dealing companies together with some GCC and foreign investors. The company is quoted on the Muscat Securities Market (MSM) and its shares are actively traded. Currently, the Company is considered as one of the largest investment companies in Oman, and its main activity is investment in all economic and business sectors including new projects and existing activities .

Objectives of the Company:
The company broad objectives are promotion of economic and industrial development in Oman through investment in various viable investment projects of all sectors while maximizing returns to its shareholders. In addition to the economic objectives, the company contributes in enhancement of education, training and creation of employment opportunities for Omani citizens . Based on the previous achievements, the company is presently adopting a comprehensive medium term strategy that has been prepared by an international consultant. The strategy aims at further activation and enhancement of the company activities and performance through promotion of the staff efficiency, expansion and diversification of the investment structure, and completion of the manuals and the internal systems.




Performance of the Company :
Industrial and Economic Development:

Since its inception DIDIC focused on diversification of its activities to cover various economic fields, and accordingly established a bank in Oman , a financial services company, insurance company and tourism company,

it played an essential role in the development of Salalah Port. Also, the company has an important role in the inception of a host of factories and industrial plants in the Sultanate. It actively contributed in the establishment of a university in Dhofar Governorate in addition to its keen interest to participate in the development of Salalah Free Zone. Also, DIDIC contributed, along with other investors, in the establishment of a private power generation project in Salalah. DIDIC played the above roles because of the benefits of the realized contributions in the development of the country and generation of good returns to the investors.

Growth and profits:
Since its inception nineteen years ago DIDIC has achieved high annual profits and never suffered a loss, accordingly investors were tempted to acquire its share on permanent basis.
Up to 2005 the company managed to reward its shareholders with cash dividends totaling RO 28.354 million, in addition to 10% bonus shares during 1998 and 21.21% in 2005 .
The total assets of the company at 31 December 2005 stood at RO 98.869 million and shareholders' fund at RO 89.744 million .